Local Street Resurfacing - 2011 Various Streets Town of Dyer, IN

In 2011, NIES Engineering worked with the Town of Dyer, to assemble a prioritized list of roadways suitable for asphalt resurfacing and pavement markings.

The PASER (Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating) Rating System of roadways, undertaken by NIES in 2011, was used as the framework to generate this list. A cost analysis of the roadways in most urgent need of asphalt resurfacing was performed and the list trimmed to meet the Town's available funding. The final design incorporated 23 roadways - just over three miles of roadway - in residential areas, and just over three miles of pavement traffic markings along Sheffield Avenue and 213th Street.

NIES Engineering addressed severely damaged portions of roadway using spot repairing techniques and replaced curb and gutter that were in need to provide positive drainage to existing storm sewers. All resurfaced roadways were milled and paved. New asphalt surface and fresh pavement markings of the various roadways gives the residents within the Town of Dyer a smother and more visually appealing roadway as they commute through their Town and improvements to roadway drainage should increase the useful life of these roadways, maximizing the benefit from the Town's investment.

Upon completion of the design, NIES assisted in the bidding and awarding of the contract; and closely working with the Town of Dyer, aided in the overseeing of the construction onsite. The residents of the Town of Dyer can now enjoy a much improved driving surface, effective drainage and reliable water main infrastructure.

Key Points

  • Cost Effective
  • Rehabilitation
  • Extended Life

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