NIES Engineering has considerable experience in the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater and residual solids. Collection system designs have included: small diameter grinder pump systems, new sanitary sewers, separation of combined sewers, sewer infiltration and inflow (I/I) studies and designs, new and upgraded sewage pumping stations, and sewer rehabilitation. Wastewater treatment designs have included new and rehabilitated screening and grit facilities, flow equalization, primary settling, secondary activated sludge and trickling filter facilities, disinfection, reaeration, and solids stabilization, dewatering and disposal facilities. Energy efficiency in rehabilitated and new facilities has been a focus of our designs. Sewer projects have ranged in size from 8 inch to 72 inch. I/I and sewer separation projects have included sewer lining, manhole rehabilitation, spot repairs, lateral rehabilitation and an innovative approach to suppressing the local ground water table as a means for dramatically reducing I/I. Treatment plant designs have ranged from 15,000 gallons per day to 16 million gallons per day.
Tertiary Filter Rehabilitation Project - Town of Dyer, IN (2009)
Grit Washer - Thorn Creek Sanitary District, IL (2003)
Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades - Town of Dyer, Indiana
Recirculating Sand Filter Treatment Village of Essex, Illinois
Wastewater Treatment Plant Modifications, Dry Pit Pump Hoist - Town of Dyer, IN (2011)
Sanitary Lift Station - Town of Highland, IN
Infiltration/Inflow Control - Town of Highland, IN
Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades - City of La Porte, Indiana
Large Diameter Sewer Replacement - La Porte, IN
Wastewater Plant - NIPSCO, Michigan City, IN
Sanitary Interceptor Sewer - Town of Schererville, IN
Belt Filter Press Design - Schererville, IN (1997)
Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades - Town of Schererville, Indiana
Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehab - Shorewood Utilities, IN (2005)

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