Elevated Tank - City of La Porte, IN

Prior to the start of this project, the water system of La Porte, Indiana, consisted of two treatment plants, two elevated tanks, and seven wells. The goal for NIES Engineering, Inc. was to improve long-term supply in the East and southeast areas of the City that were anticipated to experience growth.

NIES Engineering, Inc. analyzed the existing distribution system, presented alternatives and recommendations, and designed the necessary improvements. Using computer modeling hydraulic network analysis (HNA), it was determined that the best solution was to locate a new ½ million gallon elevated tank on the southeast side of town. In addition, a new transmission main was planned and designed that would ultimately loop around to the south side of the distribution network, further reinforcing the water distribution system in this area.

The new elevated tank and transmission main gave the City the ability to supply water to the southeast side of town without filling the existing elevated tanks too quickly. The new elevated tank stabilized pressures in this area, provided additional operating and fire storage capacity and improved fire flow protection. Unique features of the project included an altitude control vault located within the elevated tank base to improve wintertime maintenance access, and the use of vibroflotation sand compaction techniques to consolidate loose sandy soils to a depth of 30 feet below the tank foundation.

The project was a success with all original goals accomplished. The City of La Porte now benefits from a reliable water supply to an area of town that continues to enjoy strong growth.

Key Points

  • Improved Supply Pressure
  • Supports Growth
  • Fire Support Storage

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