Water System Improvement Project - Camp Summit, City of La Porte, IN

Project Partners: City of La Porte Water Works, City of La Porte Board of Public Works and Safety, Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC), Indiana Finance Authority (IFA).

“I am extremely pleased by the success of this project and all of the future opportunities it allows for Camp Summit, the residents of Johnson Road and the many others it impacts” Blair Milo, Mayor - City of La Porte.

High mineral content in the drinking water from on-site wells had been a long standing issue for the IDOC Facility at Camp Summit in La Porte County. NIES Engineering worked closely with the project Partners to design, secure funding and oversee bidding and construction for this extensive project. The solution that we presented involved securing State Revolving Loan Funding to construct a booster pump station, install 10,000 feet of 12-inch ductile iron water main, and provide modifications to IDOC's 50,000 gallon elevated tank. Once complete, the system was taken over by the City Water Department, relieving IDOC of this unwelcome chore.

A 65 ft increase in grade elevation and an elevated tank at the far end of the system presented a hydraulic challenge that we resolved by proposing a package booster station. The station was configured with flexibility in mind. It has pumps sized for various current demands and spare capacity for future expansion. The station also includes a 125kw natural gas fueled, standby power generator, chlorine chemical feed room and SCADA system improvements for monitoring and control from the City's Water Treatment Plant. The station was designed with siding and roofing materials selected for compatibility with existing Church architecture. This was an important feature and helped to secure this location for the station installation.

Our design of nearly two miles of water mains included easement acquisitions, open cut construction, directional drilling where appropriate and a 24-inch casing bore under the Indiana Toll Road. The water main was designed to allow for future expansion and included taps for the many residents living on Johnson Road. Rehabilitation of IDOC's aging 50,000 gallon elevated tank included draining, cleaning, and touchup painting; safety equipment modifications including guard rails and new platforms; and updating of electrical and cathodic protection systems.

IDOC is now able to leave water treatment and supply to the professionals and focus on what they do best. The City of La Porte now has almost two miles of new water main that opens up a large area for potential economic development.

Key Points

  • Secured State Funding
  • 10,000FT New Water Main
  • New Booster Station
  • Toll Road Bore & Jack
  • Elevated Tank Rehabilitation

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