HNA Modeling

NIES Engineering, Inc. uses Bentley Systems WaterGEMS Hydraulic Network Analysis (HNA) software to analyze current and proposed conditions within water distribution systems. Using this software, we can determine what effect changes to a municipal water distribution will have on the system as a whole. A water system can be evaluated to find bottlenecks which reduce flow and pressure to the system users. In some cases, a simple increase in water main size can greatly improve service for convenience and more importantly improve fire flow for the safety of the community at large. Determinations can be made whether additional storage and/or pressure boosting facilities are required to serve additional users of the utility. Proposed water transmission and distribution mains are also sized with the HNA software to determine proper capacities before construction begins.

This means that our clients can get fast answers to many questions related to their water system; what effect will a new demand at the northwest corner have on available downtown fire protection? Can we accommodate a new industrial development or subdivision?

NIES has experience taking over existing HNA models, creating new models from existing atlas and google maps data and creating new models from our own survey of every valve and hydrant in the system.

Whether you need to resolve distribution system problems, plan for future demands, or introduce new components to your system, NIES has the Hydraulic Network Analysis experience you need.

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