Project Experience

The current trend is toward a smaller rate of state and federal government funding in local infrastructure. This trend does not signal an end to local assistance. Instead, it calls for creative thinking, innovative approaches and joint projects. It calls for funding projects from multiple sources.

NIES Engineering has assisted several communities with State Revolving Fund (SRF) Projects, Community Focus funding, Rural Development Administration loan / grant funding, Build Indiana grants, joint projects with County Drainage Boards, as well as more conventional revenue and general obligation bonds.

We believe that the best projects result from careful coordination with both the client and the local residents. The seemingly simple step of talking with local residents and community leaders as well as the client at the start of the project and periodically during design and construction results in satisfied customers.

Often multiple satisfactory design approaches are possible, but one approach is much more pleasing to the residents. We work with you to find the affordable approach to satisfied residents.

NIES Engineering is also experienced in the design of wellfields, water treatment plants, and the modification of existing facilities. Our designs have ranged from optimizing high service pump motors, to integrating advanced SCADA capabilities. Precise Water Treatment Plant design, or modification, can also lead to drastic power cost savings. Our experience includes development of wells, water storage tanks, water pumping stations and water mains.

Whatever the motivation to undertake water system modifications, NIES Engineering has the experience and expertise to maximize your system's potential. Our staff have wide experience in the design of new and modernized treatment plants sized from less than 100,000 gallons per day to over 100 million gallons per day.

While each Project is unique, the focus of our work has been providing truly optimized solutions to the problems faced by each client. We also have wide experience in the design and rehabilitation of sewers and pumping stations. In recent years stormwater management has evolved from providing simple drainage to minimizing the impacts of development on water quality and runoff volume.

Realization of the importance of wetlands has brought new opportunities for creative stormwater management solutions. In many instances the scope of stormwater management issues creates the need to mobilize the efforts of several agencies to bring about the best solution. New funding has been developed to finance the increased emphasis on efficient, environmentally sensitive stormwater management.


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