Collection System Structure Analysis

In response to increased Sanitary and Storm System compliance demands from IDEM, NIES has assisted municipalities by providing Storm and Sanitary Sewer Atlas reports which include system mapping (GIS), locates, surveys, aerials, descriptions, and inventories. Each Atlas details the systems faults, required repairs, short and recommended long term maintenance programs to keep the system functioning properly. Each atlas serves as a rapid reference guide to quick and strategic planning for future system design and/or repairs. NIES Engineering works hand in hand with the municipality to determine the proper course of action and, as always, we remain ready to assist in any way needed. Handheld data collectors with custom software speed up the data collection process as well as ensureing that all collected data meets a uniform standard that the customer has specified. All information collected is presented in a clear and concise report that is easy to understand while containing a large amount of data. The unique structure ID's correspond to objects drawn on the atlas so that the exact locations of these structures can easily be found. Our aerial maps provide visual locations of the existing Storm and Sanitary Structures. All pipe locations are overlaid on the aerial for visual reference of direction of flow. It becomes straightforward to produce a custom atlas from this data. One example would be an atlas showing every structure that requires attention.

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