Chemical Feed Modifications Water Filtration - City of Hammond, IN

The Hammond Water Filtration Plant utilizes conventional surface water treatment of Lake Michigan water to provide potable water to the residents of Hammond and surrounding communities. Overall, nearly 500,000 people count on the Hammond Water Filtration Plant to provide a safe, reliable source of water.

This plant, nominally rated at 50 mgd, is situated on the shore of Lake Michigan, surrounded by commercial establishments, recreational amenities, manufacturing facilities and residences. As such, safety of the plant's chemical systems is critical.

In order to ensure the continued safe and reliable application of chemicals, the Hammond Water Department contracted with NIES Engineering, Inc. to design modifications to their chemical feed systems at the Hammond Water Filtration Plant. NIES designed improvements to the chlorine, ammonia and fluoride feed systems at the Hammond Water Filtration Plant. Previously, chemical feed equipment was housed in facilities originally designed in the 1930's.

As such, careful consideration was necessary to bring the feed systems up to modern design standards. Building modifications were made to separate the chlorine and ammonia systems, and cordon the chlorine feed equipment off from the rest of the plant. In doing this, the required movement of chlorine containers is minimized, further improving safety.

In addition to the building modifications and the installation of new equipment, the Hammond Water Department decided to install chemical scrubbers for both chlorine and ammonia. While the amount of ammonia stored on-site is below the threshold for developing a Risk Management Plan, an ammonia scrubber was installed to provide an additional level of safety. A dry-media chlorine scrubber was also installed, eliminating the need for secondary chemical containment and chemical mixing and heating.

Key Points

  • Improved Safety
  • Enhanced Reliability
  • SCADA Control

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