Hydraulic Network Analysis - Housing Authority, Hammond, IN

The Hammond Housing Authority was experiencing an unacceptable number of main breaks in their water system at the Columbia Center in Hammond, Indiana. The site has more than 400 apartments, and the main breaks were proving to be a major inconvenience.

The Housing Authority called in NIES Engineering, Inc. to analyze the problem, and provide a cost-effective solution. We analyzed specimens of pipe and soil, taken from a previous breakage, in conjunction with the Ductile Iron Pipe Research Institute (DIPRA). The results of our analysis indicated that the pipe had corroded due to a combination of aggressive soil, and duration of service.

NIES Engineering then conducted a Hydraulic Network Analysis to establish the most suitable water main replacement strategy. Based on our recommendations, the existing 19,000 feet of cast iron 3", 4" and 6" water main was then replaced with less than 10,000 feet of new 8" ductile iron water main.

NIES Engineering was responsible for the design and construction services for this federally funded improvement project. The improvements afforded greater fire flow capacity, and system pressures. The underground meter vault was replaced with an above ground meter building, which avoided confined space issues.

The Columbia Center now enjoys break free winters, as well as the year round assurance of superior fire flow capacity.

Key Points

  • Diagnose Problems
  • Computer Modeling
  • Efficient Improvements

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