High Service Pump Station Modifications - Village of Mt. Prospect, IL

Upon the receipt of Lake Michigan water delivered by NWSMJAWA under pressure at three locations in the Village, Mt. Prospect officials requested an Energy Efficiency Study of their existing five high service pump stations. The study reviewed pump head and flow operational requirements and recommended a staged program of pump replacements to reduce energy costs.

Designs were completed to replace existing water distribution system high service pumping units with energy efficient pumps. Six stages of the improvement program have been completed, replacing 8 electric motor driven, horizontal split case pumps and two engine-driven pumps. The two engine driven pumps replaced existing gasoline fueled, engine-drives with natural gas fueled units. By careful selection of pumping equipment and the use of high efficiency motors, the pump efficiency program has saved the Village about $8,000 annually in electrical power costs.

Additional projects recently completed for the village include design and services during construction for electrical modifications to three pump stations to allow direct plug-in of portable standby power generation equipment, a new 300KW portable engine-generator, and a staged program of motor control center replacements at each of the five pump stations.

Key Points

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Improved Reliability

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