Water Filtration Plant Upgrades - City of New Buffalo, MI

The City of New Buffalo uses conventional surface water treatment to provide potable water to the residents of New Buffalo and outlying areas. While the filtration plant produces quality finished water, operating personnel recognized the need for modifications to improve the reliability of their system.

NIES Engineering worked with City officials and staff to design and implement improvements which improved operations, safety and reliability of the 25 year old facility. Hydraulic limitations prevented plant personnel from operating the plant at its rated capacity. NIES Engineering designed improvements to the plant's chemical mixing, flocculation and sedimentation which now allow effective operation at the plant's original capacity. In order to secure a consistent supply of potable water, NIES Engineering also designed improvements to improve overall system reliability. Additional high service pumping and an emergency generator now provide the reliability necessary to ensure delivery of water to the City's customers. Apart from improved operations and reliability, NIES Engineering also designed modifications to improve operator safety as well. Facilities for storage and feeding chlorine and fluoride were cordoned off from occupied areas of the plant and brought into compliance with modern standards. Additionally, chlorine feed facilities were modified to use 150 lb. cylinders instead of the previously used 2,000 lb. cylinders. The plant's flow rates did not require the use of larger containers and elimination of the large volumes of stored chlorine has improved safety at the plant.

NIES Engineering has helped improve operations, reliability and safety at the New Buffalo Water Filtration Plant.

Key Points

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Improved Reliability
  • Improved Safety


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